Discographie (Übersicht)

Hier möchte ich Euch  einen chronologischen Überblick über den umfangreichen Veröffentlichungskatalog  von Mitch Ryder aufzeigen. Diese straffe Übersicht soll Euch lediglich als Orientierung dienen. Auf eine Verlinkung zu jedem einzelnen Medium wie z.B. bei dem "Recording-Index"  habe ich hier bewusst verzichtet, dafür gibt es ja die ausführliche Discografie auf dieser Homepage.
Wenn Ihr noch mehr Anschauungsmaterial haben möchtet, dann  forscht bitte auch unter "The Collection" nach, denn dieses dort versammelte  Material würde den Rahmen dieser Zusammenfassung hier vollends sprengen.

I. Die US-Karriere 1962-1967

a) The Roots
    a1) Billy Lee
           That´s The Way It´s Gonna Be / Fool For You
            Si 1962 (Carrie 1515)

    a2) Billy Lee & The Rivieras
            You Know / Won´t You Dance With Me
           Si 1964 (Sundazed S117-RI)

b) Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
    b1) LPs
           Take A Ride
            LP 1966 (New Voice Rec. NV 2000)

           LP 1966 (New Voice Rec. NV 2002)

           Sock It To Me
           LP 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 2003)

    b2) Singles
           I Need Help / I Hope
           Si 1965 (New Voice Rec. NV 801)

           Jenny Take A Ride / Baby Jane (Mo Mo Jane)
           Si 1965 (New Voice Rec. NV 806)

           Breakout / I Need Help
           Si 1966 (New Voice Rec. NV 811)

           Takin´ All I Can Get / You Get Your Kicks
           Si 1966 (New Voice Rec. NV 814)

           Devil With A Blue Dress On-Good Golly Miss Molly / I Had It Made
           Si 1966 (New Voice Rec. NV 817)

           Sock It To Me Baby / I Never Had It Better
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 820)

           Too Many Fish In The Sea-Three Little Fishes / One Grain Of Sand
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 822)

           Joy / I´d Rather Go To Jail
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 824)

           You Are My Sunshine / Wild Child
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 826)

           Come See About Me / Take The Time
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 828)

           You Get Your Kicks / Ruby Baby-Peaches On A Cherry Tree
           Si 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 830)

    b3) Compilations (Auswahl)
           All Mitch Ryder Hits
           LP 1967 (New Voice Rec. NV 2004)

           Mitch Ryder Sings The Hits
           LP 1968 (New Voice Rec. NV 2005)

           All The Heavy Hits Of Mitch Ryder
           LP 1969 (CREWE CR-1335)

           An Ultimate Anthology
           2CD 1997 (Westside WESD 202)

    b4) Videos (Auswahl)
           Hullabaloo Vol.6
           VHS-Vid. incl. "Jenny Take A Ride"

            Live From Greenwich Village New York Vol. Six
           VHS-Vid. incl. "Sock It To Me Baby", "What Now My Love"

II. Der Irrtum 1967-1968

           What Now My Love
           LP 1967 (Dyno Voice DY 1901 DY 31901)

           What Now My Love / Blessing In Disquise
           Si 1967 (Dyno Voice 901)

           Personality-Chantilly Lace / I Make A Fool Of Myself
           Si 1967 (Dyno Voice 905)

           Baby I Need Your Lovin´-Theme For Mitch / Ring Your Bell
           Si 1967 (Dyno Voice 934)

III. Die Suche (1969-1973)

a) The Detroit-Memphis Experiment
           The Detroit-Memphis Experiment
           LP 1969 (Dot Records DLF 25963 )

           Sugar Bee / I Believe (There Must Be Someone)
           Si 1969 (Mercury/Phonogram 812710-7)

           Long Long Time / Direct Me
           Si 1969 (Dot Records Dot 17325)

b) Mitch Ryder
           Sing A Simple Song / Ring Your Bell
           Si 1971 (Paramount PAA 0091)

c) Detroit feat. Mitch Ryder
           LP 1971 (Paramount 6010)

            It Ain´t Easy / Long Neck Goose
           Si 1971 (Paramount PAA 094)

           Rock´n´ Roll / Box Of Old Roses
           Si 1971 (Paramount PAA 0133)

           Oo-La La La-Dee Da Doo / Gimme Shelter
           Si 1971 (Paramount PAA 0133)

           I Can´t See Nobody / Girl From The North Country
           Si 1971 (Paramount PAA 0051)

           Get Out The Vote-Live At The Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbour, 01. April 1972
           CD and LP 1997 (Total Energy, Burbank, NER 3010)

d) Live With Leslie West
           The Wild West Show
           LP 1973 (Cannon Records) UNOFFICIAL RECORD!

IV) Welcome Europe (1979-1988)

           How I Spent My Vacation
           LP 1979 (Line Records/Teldec 6.23762 )

           Nice And Easy / Passions Wheel
           Si 1979 (Line Records/Teldec 6.12465 AC)

           Freezin´ In Hell / Long Hard Road
           Si 1979 (Line Records/Teldec 6.12548 AC)

           Rock´n´ Roll / Soul Kitchen
           MaSi 1979 (Line Records/Teldec 6.20047)

           Naked But Not Dead
           LP 1980 (Line Records/Teldec 6.24319)

           Ain´t Nobody White / It´s My Life
           Si 1980 (Line Records/Teldec 6.12762)

           War / I Don´t Wanna Hear It
           Si 1980 (Line Records/Teldec 6.12839 TS)

           We´re Gonna Win / Beyond The Wall / Bare Your Soul
           MaSi 1980 (Line Records/Teldec 66.20213-01-1 LMS 3013)

           Got Chance For A Million?
           LP 1981 (Line Records/Teldec 6.24578)

           Red Scar Eyes / We´re Gonna Win
           Si 1981 (Line Records/Teldec 6.13040)

           Look Ma, No Wheels
           LP 1981 (Quality Records SV 2097- Canada only)

           Live Talkies
           2LP plus MaSi 1981 (Line Records/Teldec 6.30123)

           Smart Ass
           LP 1982 (Line Records/Teldec 6.25090)

           Er Ist Nicht Mein Präsident / Berlin
           Si 1983 (Line Records/Teldec 6.14022)

           Never Kick A Sleeping Dog
           LP 1983 (Mercury/Riva/Phonogram 812517-1)

           Was (Not Was) - Born To Laugh At Tornadoes
           LP 1983 (Geffen Records DNW 2922) incl. "Bow Wow Wow Wow"

           When You Were Mine / Stand
           Si 1983 (Mercury/Phonogram 812710-7)

           Like A Rolling Stone / Can Do
           Si 1985 (RCA /Instant Division Of  Line Music GmbH ZB 40309)

           In The China Shop
           LP 1986 (Line Records/Intercord 4.00181J)

           All The Way / Looks Are Deceiving
           Si 1986 (Line Records/Teldec LIS 100018)

           Good Golly Ask Ollie (Vocal-Mix) / Good Golly Ask Ollie (Dub-Mix)
           MaSi 1987 (S.O.S. Records Ltd., Boston SOS 1467)

           Red Blood White Mink
           2LP 1988 (Line Records 5.00030M)

           The Legendary Mitch Ryder Live!
           VID 1989 (MC-TV)

V. Do You Feel Alright? (1990-1999)

           The Beautiful Toulang Sunset
           CD 1990 (Line Records LICD 9.01000 O)

           The Very Best Of Mitch Ryder
           CD 1992 (Edel Company/Ideal Vertrieb EDL 2632)

           La Gash
           CD 1992 (Line Records LICD 9.01180 (1))

           Do You Feel Alright? / Bye-Bye Love / Devil With A Blue Dress On-Good ...
           MaCD 1992 (Line Records LICD 9.01218 E)

           Rite Of Passage
           CD 1994 (Line Records LICD 9.01285)

           See You Again / Actually 101 / By The Feel
           MaCD 1994 (Top Line TLCD 9.01294)

           Mitch Ryder & Engerling Live im Franz Club Berlin
           VID 1994 (Buschfunk)

           Live - At The Logo Hamburg
           CD 1996 (Line Music 9.01306)

           War (Best Of)
           CD 1999 (Zounds 27000 2085)

           Monkey Island-Mitch Ryder with King Chubby)
           CD 1999 (Line Music 9.01332)

VI. Die Buschfunk-Jahre (ab 2003 ... hope it never ends ...)

           The Old Man Springs A Boner - Live 2002
           CD 2003 (Buschfunk 00852)

           A Dark Caucasian Blue
           CD 2004 (Buschfunk 00912)

           Mitch Ryder At Rockpalast
           DVD 2004 (ISBN 3-937308-36-9 WDR Fernsehen)

           Rock´n Roll Greats
           DVD 2004 (Passport/Sunrise 5024)

           Devil With Her Blue Dress Off
           CD 2005 (Music Avenue (Europe), San Juan Music Group 250122)

           The Acquitted Idiot
           CD 2006 (Buschfunk 00832)

           Red Scar Eyes
           2CD 2006 (Membran Music Ltd. 223143) COMPILATION

           The Ryder-Sessions (w./ Trevor McShane)
           only I-Tunes 2007

           You Deserve My Art
           CD 2008 (Buschfunk 07282)

           Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels Live In America 2008
            CD 2008 (Cardsleeve)

           Air Harmonie-- Live In Bonn 2008
           CD 2009 (Buschfunk BF 07302)

           Detroit Ain´t Dead Yet  (The Promise)
           CD 2009 (Freeworld FREEM5019)

               Extended Versions
               CD 2010 (Sony Music A752338)

           Live Talkies plus one extra Live Concert
           2CD 2011 (Repertoire  REP 5220)

           The Anthology 1979 - 1994
            2CD 2012 (Repertoire REP 5214)

              Live At Rockpalast 1979 + 2004
          3CD-Box 2012 (MIG MIG 90502 3CD WDR Rockpalast)

           Live At Rockpalast 1979 + 2004
          2DVD 2012 (MIG MIG 90507 2DVD WDR Rockpalast)

             It´s Killing Me - Live 2012
      CD 2013 (Buschfunk 07312)